Sure it can be said that the impacts of the current financial climate are favouring buyers, but each year this can also be said of the winter season!  Take it from me there are always lots more boats to choose from in winter than in the middle of the boating season –  just look around on the web. The reasons are many and varied of course; there are those owners who have decided to upgrade or even “right-size” their boat, there are those that are liquidating assets and there are those who no longer have the time to enjoy themselves by going out boating.

Whatever the seller’s reason for putting their boat on the market, it’s a good time for you as a buyer because you have greater choice of vessels. Once you have secured your new pride and joy during the off-season, you then have time to prepare her for the warmer boating months. “Prepare her?”, I hear you ask, “I’m about to buy the boat – what would I need to do?” Well all experienced boaters will tell you that there’s ALWAYS something to maintain or prepare on a boat. From an anti-foul to a polish, or from an engine service to installation of that new piece of electronic equipment you may want, it all takes time and the reputable, in-demand trades always seem to have a waiting list. The best reason to meticulously maintain your new boat for reliability of course – for the safety of yourself and your loved ones.

Find the boat now, get the maintenance done and she’ll be ready for next summer.

Time to cast-off then Matee …

All the best from Steve Williams
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